Farmer and the eagle

@hanhaiju (421)
April 4, 2007 8:47pm CST
in majority countries of china, cow is very important for farmers. farmers feed them, and use them for farming. a farmer buys a cow and fasten it to tree. at night, he dreams that the cow grows up two wings and flies away. farmer fears that the dream indicate something to him, so he decide to sell the cow. after selling the cow, he is still a little worried. he put money into a small bag and tie it with a wire. on his way home, he discovers a dead eagle. of course, the farmer is pleased with his discovering. he says to himself:" dreams make no sense. dreams are fantastic and we needn't to analyse them. if the cow can grow up two wings, i shall say that i am this dead eagle. just think of this. the flesh of eagle would be very delicious; i can enjoy myself with the juicy flesh and some bottle of wines." he picks up the eagle, fansten it to the wire, then continue his way. suddnely he fells hurt and loose his hand, the eagel flies away and take his money. the ealge is drowsy but still conscious. it was shot by the hunter but not dead. it wakes up while the farmer is walking, so it bites his hand. moral of the story:" live life on the edge,don't lock yourself away!"
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