are you enjoying american idol this year ?

@lynninky (491)
United States
April 4, 2007 8:50pm CST
i am not.. this year is worse than last year by far. lets hope things at least turn around at the end. so that we have a good singer at the end..i did some reading that showed me why so many people are voting for the idols that are not singer or low singing skills. there is a .com on the web that ask people to vote for the worse singer, because they get a kick out of seeing people make a fool of themself.. then to top that of mr. howard stern is tell his followers to vote for the one with the least singing skills. in hopes that the show will be taken off the air. he put it they will close the curtains.thats what he wants and it looks like it may happen. why are these people so stupid ? this is a good opportunity for some talented people. why are people trying to stop that ? did they have someone try out that did not get in ? why are they so against helping people with talent get somewhere in live ? people that would not have a chance otherwise. why we some americans so rude ? it seen like some americans do respect options when given to them.. i can not sing but i am not going to try to shut a show down just because some people are finding a way to do what they love. how do you fell about all this ??
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