what type of people do seem to end up with?

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April 4, 2007 9:05pm CST
we seem to always make friends with people that seem so sweet and everything. its just after a few weeks they seem to turn into bums lol. then sometimes they just turn out to be very strange. it seems like they only want to be our friend if we can help them, they can borrow something, and we can watch there kids. i havent figured it out. then there are those that seem really nice and the next thing you know they like my spouse or me. that is the scary ones. lol. why is it that we end up with either bums or weirdos? how about you do you seem to get those types or really needy people, theives, liars, etc? are you one of the lucky ones that get normal people that just like to go to the movies or go shopping and have there own money or ride?
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5 Apr 07
My frieds are funny positive and smart
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10 Apr 07
thanks for the BR. I am honored