How we treat our elders..

@maxen7 (54)
April 5, 2007 12:26am CST
I know our grandparents grow senile, grouchy, slow and sickly and that the government arranged nursing or retirement homes for them but I think it would be much better if their own families keep them in their own homes. Nobody understands our old folks better than their own children, unless of course the old people just get dumped somewhere else either their own families don't want them anymore or just considered as burdens...
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@lols189 (4797)
6 Apr 07
yes i also think our grandparents should be living with their daughters or sons as they are getting older and could possibly need more help and to be looked after well
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5 Apr 07
My mother stopped working and gave up on life at the age of 59. She decided if she lost her home, and became homeless that one of her daughters would have to let her live with them. Well I was the sucker. She planned this. She felt that we owed this to her, because she raised gave birth to us and raised us. It was 10 years of her bossing me and my children around, not helping do a thing. Not once did she pick up a dish, do a load of laundry or even drive to the store to buy groceries. She stayed in bed and ate and drank herseld up to 400lbls. She could no longer walk and refused to bathe. She would not get new joints to help her get out of pain. She took the easy way out. Well 2.5 years ago I could no longer take care of her. I was working full time, while ill and taking care of a husband who had a stroke and trying to keep up with her demands. She is a hateful old woman who has told me from the day I was borned that I was not wanted or loved. So at 46 years old I got tired of her garbage and put her in a home. I am disabled and have dizzy spells and do not drive. Mom calls me almost everyday to try to get me to bring her something. She does not care if I am ill she only cares about herself. Most days I hate her! I am not an only child she never even asked about my sisters. She loves my older sister but hates my twin sister. I believe some families just warehouse their realitives and do not want to take care of them. But I could not take care of mine any more. It may have come down to killing her or killing myself. So I saved her and myself.