Have you ever been stalked?

@muscare (3069)
April 5, 2007 2:54am CST
Around 6 months ago, my wife had a major falling out with her family about a number of things, with the fact that, because we chose to bring up our 4 yr old son our way and not theirs, this was just the last straw. My wife told them she needed at least 6 months break. Since then, she had 1 nice letter from her Dad, and about 3 venomous letters from her mother, which ended in my wife telling them she didn't want to see them again. Since then, they have been driving past MY parents place, looking down the driveway quite often, and have just taken to walking past everyday, and my parents live on the outskirts of town! We live in a different town 15 minutes away, but I think it would be our place they were doing it to if it was convenient. It may seem like just coincidence, but if you knew the in-laws like I do, you'd think differently. Is this a form of stalking, do you think?
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@callarse1 (4793)
• United States
5 Apr 07
It sounds like it to me as well. My aunt's husband (no ex) used to do that to her. It used to make her family and herself very angry. Sometimes she even got restraining orders against her husband because he wouldn't leave her alone. However, I have never been stalked like that. I would just say that you call the police and tell what she is doing. Perhaps even file a restraining order becuase she just can't keep coming around certain people. Have a nice day. Pablo
@muscare (3069)
• Australia
6 Apr 07
Thanks, but the father in law is a policeman! I just hope he remembers not to let personal problems interfere with the way he does his job. Let's just say we're extra careful when out in the car, not to break any road rules.