where can i get money to build International Airport in my country?

April 5, 2007 5:49am CST
I am a Tanzania male 26yrs of age,my interest is to build an international airport in my country,but i do not have money even a dime by know,i looking for the anybody to help me from these moment of need.I am in trouble,even to pay for an internet connection is a problem to me.Sometimes i stay for two up to three months without an internet connection,these is because i have no job and my family do not need to give me a support because i do not need to follow there path,my interest is to work online while they do not trust the net,told me i do just west my times.So please my friend help if you will,i know u can help me with any cash you like.So to that i can fulfill aim and my dream comes true.And also will be an agreement also according to your will.
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