Is it really possible to forgive AND forget?

@Macoy2 (47)
April 5, 2007 5:49am CST
When someone you care about hurts you deeply, unbearably. Then twists the knife by not even apologizing is it possible to move forward with all that in between you and not poison the relationship?
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27 Jul 07
No, I do not believe if someone close to you hurts you that bad you could never forget. You can forgive, but never forget. The trust will simply not be there a smuch anymore, its a forever thing, the relationship just wont be the same as it used to be.
• United States
29 Jun 07
that's something i've always wondered. for me personally i can't forgive AND forget. it's pretty much one or the other.
@sweetsue (759)
• Philippines
10 Apr 07
It is definitely possible to move forward but not too soon as one would want to. Only time can tell as to when one should let go of the agony/misery of being hurt. Pain is one battle that is difficult to surpass. But I believe in the saying, "time heals all wounds". One may dwell perhaps on the lost of his/her love or relationhsip but rest assured a realization will come in time. It takes a lot of acceptance. One may forgive the person who caused that unbearable pain but one will never forget how he/she was moved by the feeling of being hurt. And I believe it is not possible to forget that pain. You will never forget that you were deeply hurt at one time. You may only say that I've over come the pain and now it hurts no more. But forgetting the intensity of that ill feeling can never be erased in one's memory. I believe everything in this world happens for a reason. Every pain, every struggle brings positive things in life. There are lessons to be learned behind those bad memories. We just have to be optimistic about it. Another thing that counts most is that no matter how excruciating the pain we feel we should always learn to forgive.
@Morticia (419)
5 Apr 07
Yes, after some time you can, but only if you find a good replacement for this person that hurted you, or if that person proves you that he/she made a big mistake for which he/she is really and deeply regreting for.