happiness is coming to me wit open arms now touchwood.....

April 5, 2007 10:57am CST
Well wouldn't have been a very big deal for you but ask me!!! as I am coming to the turning points for me on MYLTO and gonna cross both my limits today, happiness is now coming with so many surpirses hidden in it!!! and I am liking it anyways!!! In today only I am going to make it to my first $10, and then also my 500 barrier....and my yesterday's income was ever highest for me since I joined my lot....due to paucity of time I was never able to even go above $0.50 ...infact did not even touch it ever...and yesterday I earned $0.87....and I am really really happy for it... finally it proves that if u reAlly work hard, uit is never gonna get wasted...right!! Sooner or later you would be rewarded for it...and if you get rewarded sooner, it may be a small reward but in the larger stage it is going to be really BIG!!! see mine!!!
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@Bizziebod (3526)
6 Apr 07
Well done to you for all your hard work and well done for hitting the 500 mark now, it wasn't so long ago when I hit the 500 mark and stayed up late trying to get there! Now I'm just trying to catch up with one of my friends as we have little races to get to certain milestones, we're trying to get to 2000 at the moment and she's about 100 ahead of me as I've been away for some time! I'm getting there slowly though! Here's to 1000 and happy Mylotting!