What is your favorite line in your theme song or in any love song you like?

Northern Mariana Islands
April 5, 2007 12:14pm CST
My husband and I will be celebrating our 4th anniversary on the 28th. And as I am browsing here on myLot for new discussions, our song "Swept Away" by Christopher Cross played on the radio. Everytime we hear that song, we look at each other and smile and then my husband would tease me and say that it was the song that i sang to woo him. My favorite lines are in the third stanza... "The very first time you said my name, I knew it would never sound the same Something about me has changed forever". Those lines really stuck with me. We were coworkers back then and both in relationships too. There was one time that he called my name. The way he said it and looked at me endearingly, made me think at that moment, what if i was with this man instead of the other one? To make the long story short, we broke up with our then-partners and decided to live the rest of our lives together. How about you what are the favorite lines in your "theme song" or in any of your favorite love songs that really hit you?
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• China
7 Apr 07
Aha,Wish you and your husband have a sweet wedlock for ever. I prepare for hunting a good girl tomorrow year for my girlfriend. God, bless me also can find a suitable girl to me.Wow~~
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@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
29 Apr 07
Well, it is a bit of a punk rock love song from my youth, but it reminds me of a wild time with a wild boyfriend. It's by Jawbreaker and called, "Want". I recall may a summer evening at his house listening to this song, and him just wanting to fast forward it to get to Steel Pole Bathtub, instead. This is the song: "been staring for a hundred hours run down a spiral drain keep mouth clamped tight, and it isn't right three words keep running round my mind but my tongue is hard to find i need to let it go, because i know dark secrets burn their vessel tearing out to grab a mouthful chunk of heart destroyed by quiet yell it out before it kills you now let it all out i want you... used to let rumors do my work they got around real well now they only hurt, it's a liar's quirk this time i gotta say it straight i mean to do some good i'm calling out your name, while the chance remains i want you... so now you know where i come from my secret's come undone my heart revealed my cause i'm lying naked at your feet don't crush the heart that bleeds take me at my word, it may sound absurd but i want you..." He was one of those guys that shyed away from any sort of permanence or concrete expectations so I had to be very discreet in letting on how much he meant to me. Seems silly now, because when we finally broke things of, it was clear he knew to a certain degree, anyway.