believe you in love?

April 5, 2007 12:32pm CST
if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend without money and very poor but knew other people that is rich and have money to give you good life, what you will search??? be poor but with big love or be rich with a good people that you dont love?????+
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@lonely_f16 (2147)
• Philippines
5 Apr 07
i don't really know since it's also necessary to have can't get money out of love but you can get encouragement and sacrifice so I'll choose being poor but with great love...while if I'm with people that does not love me then well...i can't find a way to earn happiness back again...
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• Brazil
29 Apr 07
Yeah! there's love between parents and children, among brothers, sisters, cousins, among lovers.. but in that case, I would pick up the poor person, because we could build a new life together, work together, and do our fortune together.. and all of it with love! That's the most important.. :)
@Lizianee (26)
• Brazil
31 Dec 07
the love is ugly and I hate
• Brazil
21 Dec 07
Oh, yes! I believe in love. And why do I believe in love? I believe in love because I feel love in my heart. But I believe in love between parents and children. Love between other people is more dificult to be true. But it is possible! And I continue searching my true love.
• Brazil
20 Dec 07
no im belive in lovoe
• Brazil
20 Dec 07
@pevicasi (71)
• Brazil
23 Oct 07
It depends. I think that if cn love someone, I never fail to feel something for that person. That something could, easily, turn into hatred, as the events. The opposite of love, reminding, is not hatred, but the indifference. What happens is tha t many couples wish that the "love" is that feeling sexually explosive from the beginning of the relationship. This is not love, passion, and have shelf-life. The love is built every day, requires disclaimers and much effort and, as this is difficult, it can be, simply, the left hand.
• Brazil
27 Jun 07
ah, nu amor eu acredito sim!! afinal, minha mãe tah casada com meu pai faz 20 anos, e eles ainda c amam!!! eu ainda naum achei o meu amor, + sei q eu dia ele aparece!!
@diegohsd (13)
• Brazil
14 Jun 07
Well, i love a person not so rich and we live loving each other! I don't like people that just marry rich a person! I believe in love baby!
• Brazil
9 Jun 07
I believe yes. The love is a wonderful feeling that in joins them and that in it leads them to an excellent experience. I loved and I believe that I can love again, the same intensity that I loved one old girlfriend and I can love until more. I believe that love is also difficult of if describing, but I felt know that it is good for loving.
@pakuss (89)
• Brazil
6 Jun 07
Why have money if we can't espend whith our love. I prefer love to money, but, if I can, I prefer both. Love and Money.
@elpatz (37)
• Brazil
22 May 07
I think that we allways have to look for simplicity in our lives so we can easily comunicate to each other witouht being afraid of what could happen, for example, if I married a rich woman I would be afraid of telling her some things that might make she thinks I'm crazy.
• Brazil
13 May 07
i believe on love its better be poor, with love and happiness that richt with the heart empty, and thinking in ur real lover
@Chryssi (828)
• United States
5 Apr 07
I would rather be in love with someone with no money than to be with someone who has a ton of money. Without love, there's nothing.