boy oh boy i got to see the smoke snake

@kkerix (403)
United States
April 5, 2007 2:34pm CST
well i have been getting a little irritated by the slow pace, and the multitude of unanswered scenarios on this show. last night i sat down to watch lost with keri, and i said i sure wish we could get some answers, she said like what, (she likes the way it is progressing) lol. i said well what about the smoke monster, where is it??? is it dead, did it get off the island?? and lo and behold there it is chasing the girls. kinda wish we could have found out what it is for sure. but at least i know it is still lurking around the island. would not hurt my feelings if it ate jack, lol. then sawyer could have kate!! i want to know more, a lot more about the island. what did you think????
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@nicolec (2673)
• United States
5 Apr 07
Well what we do know is that the Others (Ben and them) didn't make it. At least if you believe Juliette, which I'm not sure I am ready to trust her. So it's something that has been there long before them or just made by some one else. It also seems to be exhibiting the same behaviors. With the girls, Eko and Locke it did the same thing. Came, flashed bright lights (possibly images) and left. Then came back and tried to kill them. With Eko it succeeded. With Locke it almost got him down the hole if they hadn't saved him. And the sonic fence saved the girlds. Now why it does this, haven't a clue. But that seems to be the pattern.