cancer has it touched your life??????

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United States
April 5, 2007 3:09pm CST
first i would like to thank those who have responded to my last post on this terrible disease. i fight everyday to keep trying, i can not tell you how scary it is to have one doctor after the other give up on me. at first they are interested, and sure they can help. then 3 or 4 maybe 5 months go bye and there is no improvement in my healing from the radiation therapy. they get to where they want me to go away, my last doctor after he cut on me for a biopsy, then gave me a colostomy. started saying well you should be better. i said i agree but i am getting worse. last two times i saw him after 5 min he would look at his watch and say i have other patients. as my psychologist says, most doctors don't want to mess with you if what they know to do dose not work. it goes against there arrogant i can cure all nature. my last hope is the university of south alabama hospital, for i have neither the money or the strength to go else where. i have friends i can stay with, and who will help me get back and fourth. four years this month since the radiation therapy. thank god it looks like i am one of the only people that was effected this way by the treatment, lol. dose not make me feel good about it. i guess what i am looking for is someone who knows of a similar case, where people did not heal from the radiation therapy.
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@waynet (2650)
5 Apr 07
It has touched my life in the sense of that I fear this ever present disease and most likely at some point judging by my ridiculous life style I'm more at risk of this disease. Some doctors are so arrogant and ignorant it is unbelievable, sometimes they do not realise the pressure and worry going to them puts you under. With all the money that cancer charities pour into cancer research, it is hopefully only a matter of time that a better method of reducing or even curing cancer is found!! Good luck with alternative therapies!!
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