incarnation- Is it true? - incarnation
@subathra (3519)
April 5, 2007 8:45pm CST
In Hindu religion it has been stated that only body of a person burried but the soul gets into a new body.There were stories to proove this incarnation business and many films taken to make the people believe this subject. But so far religiously or even scientifically has been proved that there is incarnation.Anyway is there anyone in a postition to prove this immortal?
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@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
8 Apr 07
the assumption of human form by a god, an idea common in religion. In early times the idea was expressed in the belief that certain living men, often kings or priests, were divine incarnations. India and Egypt were especially rich in forms of incarnation in men as well as in beasts. Incarnation is found in various phases of Greek religion, in which the human body of a god was a disguise or a temporary means of communication. Among western cultures the most widely accepted belief in incarnation is in that of Jesus, held by Christians to be God in the flesh, partaking wholly both of divinity and of humanity, except in so far as human beings have a propensity to sin. This is the accepted understanding of the biblical “The Word was made flesh.”
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