Magic: Card Trick

@Musika (13)
April 6, 2007 12:00am CST
Share you few magic card ticks: ^,...,^v 1. you first need to know about a pinky break - you will put a mark while holding the deck by leaving your pinky finger seperating the top part of the deck and the lower part of the deck giving you a hint that his selected card is the first card at the buttom part of the deck. 2. double lift - you will be lifting two cards (but you willshow him only that you lifted one card) and show him the number and the suite of the second(bottom)card[let's assume it is the 7 of clubs]. a. here is the trick... - once you showed the bottom card.. you will resturn it to your deck and put the top(first) card in the middle of the deck (knowingly that it is the 7 of clubs).(this the important part) and then use some hand gestures giving him an illusion that the card pops above the deck. boom! the 7 of clubs is still on the top! - another version is instead of putting the first(top)card in the middle of the deck let the observer cut the deck in half and you'll place the card between those cuts. - another version is let the spectator hold the first(top)card face down.. and you will rifle the deck and when the spectator says stop.. the spectator will put the first top card in the middle of the deck.
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