When did the Vows change?

United States
April 6, 2007 12:46am CST
How many times can a person get married before it's to many? I am an attorney here in Oklahoma and right now we have the highest divorce rate of any state in the USA. Which to an extent puts me in some fear as a twice divorced women that is about to tempt fate and get married again, I have to wonder when should a person say ok thats enough I tried and failed. I have seen people go into and out of marriages like showers and it makes me wonder when did the vows change? When did it go from "until death do you part" to "until you upset me".
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@Wanderlaugh (1624)
• Australia
6 Apr 07
Not wanting to get too negative, I think too many marriages is when you can truly say it's at the obsessive compulsive stage. Part of the problem as I see it is that people are "supposed" to get married. Not really fall in love, commit, etc, but arrive at some point in the relationship where getting married is inevitable. The social logic is the real danger. There's the couple, surrounded by married people, what's the unavoidable issue? Some people seem to make much better friends than spouses. Some just shouldn't marry each other. Add Murphy's Law, and the heartfelt clashes of priorities that any two human beings can achieve if they happen to be on the same planet, and "until you upset me" becomes a bus schedule. Some showers are pretty cold, too.
@naty1941 (2336)
• United States
6 Apr 07
I took have been divorced twice and I think it has to do with the man and the woman not been able to grow together as a couple.