Do you logout "myLot" everytime when you Disconnect the Internet? Feel Okay or ?

@aliasad (1567)
April 6, 2007 1:17am CST
I would admit that sometimes I don't logout my user when I am sure to rejoin the session after a while. I feel its not bad. But sometimes, it really strikes me again and again that I have not logged out. What about you people? Do you think that one must really logged out even if being temporarlily out or its okay with the same? Please share!
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@elisa812 (3033)
• United States
30 May 07
I don't usually logout when I get offline. I'm the only person who uses this computer, so I don't really worry about it. If I'm sharing a computer, I will be more likely to log out, but since I'm not, I don't really care either way. :)
@mdchennai (2129)
• India
6 Apr 07
I don't logout but rather i keep the window minimised. Since i use the net in my office, i work during my free time and suddenly if i get some work then i just minimize the window rather than logging out and then once again logging in as you know that myLot takes time to load its page :(
@ashkar (99)
6 Apr 07
rarely log out cos im the only one who usese the comp so its practically not needed
@aissha (2036)
• India
6 Apr 07
no not really ,but finally i call it a day and shut down the system i do log out bit i guess it is not necessary even though.
@Mithoo (255)
• Pakistan
6 Apr 07
Well, for me it doesnt matter that whether i have logged out from mylot or not! I think it is safe enough! Till now i dont have any problems regarding whether i should logout or not but i am satisfied that i am safe here in mylot! Hope so tha you will also be safe! Bye and do not take tension regarding logging out or not!
@pengqing (218)
• China
6 Apr 07
I think not!