What is you max no of replies?

@subha12 (18453)
April 6, 2007 2:39am CST
What is the max no of replies that you have got for your one post on mylot?Mine is only 9. I have seen many discussions , the subject may be not so good, has got more than 100 replies. I don't know how people managed to get so? Or may be I'm unlucky one?
2 responses
• India
11 Apr 07
I got 14 response as highest and rest of them got atleast 5 response minimum.
@nengs10 (3188)
• Philippines
6 Apr 07
No, don't think that way. There's no unlucky person here. By just joining mylot, you've been a part of the lucky circle already.I think you probably have to improve your strategies. Like what I'm always doing, it actually helped me a lot. It doesn't matter how many people answered your discussions. It's all about the quality post you have and the quality answers you got from other members. For one, you must strengthen your ties with your friends here. Friends would surely love to answer your forums here. Keep in touch with them. Give them such importance that they deserve by answering to their discussions too. It's just a give and take process. Also, you should create innovative discussions. Don't ever make very difficult ones. Noone might answer it here. And it will your lost in the end. Let's be friends. And I hope we'll share each other's ideas in the coming days.