Can one love two grils ?

April 6, 2007 3:17am CST
One is my frist lover . She is a kind-hearted , gentle and considerate girl .we had good golden days when we're in the senior school . Unfortunately, the college entrance examination separated us from diferent universities . We're still contacting with each other by sending short messages, chatting on the internet. But she is so far from me that I can't get together with her . The other is my college classmate , also my good female friend. she has a characteristics of laughing .We often stay together . Recently I found I had affection on my classmate . I like the way she talks , the expression no her face ,especially when she got angry . I'd like to stay with her . Sometimes I even had the desire of asking her to be my girlfriend, but everytime I swallowed my words. If I did that , I would feel sorry to my first lover. What should I do ? Maybe I should be loyal to my former girlfriend and hide the ridiculous idea of asking my college friend to be my girlfriend deep in my heart for good.
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