Love, ambition, which is important?

@hanhaiju (421)
April 6, 2007 3:31am CST
My brother's girlfriend will go to US sooner. It's her and his dream. But she gets the visa, while he doesn't. He tried to persuade the girl to wait him for a year. But at last, he gived up. He knows this is a rare oppotunity, 'cause the college will provide full scholarship. He knows, the girl is outstanding, she has a big ambiton. Yes, she really is a good one. I know my brother loves her very much. Recently, I telephoned him,he telled me his feeling. He is very afraid now, 'cause there will be a long departure, and the chinese there are very good at courting. Man there have lots of means. And it will be a lonely time for the girl, maybe she will fall into love on another one. He sometimes have the idea to go to US. as a student's spouse. But he dosen't want others to view him as failure. I don't know what is his final option, but I really hope that they will always together. Well, how do think about it? Love, ambition, which is important?
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