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April 6, 2007 8:47am CST
Since I was a kid, becoming an archaeologist is one of my widest dreams. Why wildest? Because being an archaeologist in my place is like a suicide. The field is so small, and the possibility of getting a job is so thin. And there's only one school in the country that offers this degree... Until now, it is still a dream. Now, surfing the net is my only access to being "there". Lately, I tried to search if there are organizations that cater to this kind of interest... you know, like a tour maybe? Or online courses that gives us ideas how is it going to be an archaeologist? :)
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• Romania
6 Apr 07
I had the same dream too,and i still have it.When i was a schoolboy i worked in an archaeological site with my history teacher and was a great experience.We even made an outside museum,an "lapidarium romanus" with what we found:columns,stone coffins,some statues.I am a amateur historian and i am glad to meet somebody with same hobby.The history and archaeology is a endless search.So keep on searching!Online courses?I'm interested too.If i found something i will let you know.
• Philippines
8 Apr 07
Yes, it is definitely endless claudiuss. ALthough we live millions of years here on Earth, humans still continue to discover and learn from a world that is so mysterious and enchanting. Well, I am happy for your experience, you are such a lucky person.