the revelation...

April 6, 2007 11:49am CST
when i was a liitle girl, i remember my mom told me that time will come, a chip will be implanted to every living person in this world.. its like a barcode thing that will be put on your wrist or in the forehead in order to access our life..meaning, you need this in order to buy food, to shop, to go to school, to short, it is needed to survive..but dont you know it was an evil thing,,if you noticed the barcode(if you one right now) on any product, the equivalent of a single line is 3..try to look at the first part, the middle and the'll see two lines overpassing the other..and it looks the same on the middle and on the last..3 is one line, since its two then the number corresponds to it is six,, look closer..its 6 on the first two lines, 6 on the middle and 6 on last...the number of evil.. and i just heard right now that it is already starting,,the implementing of a chip, and is so called mondec..have you heard of it?can you imagine that it could be possible that it will going to happened?that everyone should have this chip in order to live?or it will be just a test on our faith?what could it possibly be?what are you going to do if time comes?i don't wanna think about it..
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