Most expensive city for students

April 6, 2007 12:09pm CST
In a recent poll London has been catagorized as one of the most incondusive city for students. I want to know the opinons on this from both current students in London and all those all over the world aspiring to come here.
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@joanna08 (394)
• Philippines
7 Apr 07
Well, I've read that the most expensive city to live in is TOKYO, JAPAN. and believe me it is really expensive there. So coming from that conclusion, I got to say that maybe the most expensive to live in for students would be JAPAN. But, im trying to find a scholarship for me to study in LONDON, unfortunately I can't find one that handles undergaraduate studying, because I've heard that studying in the UK is really expensive. And we can't really afford something that expensive. AT least I need a scholarship to put me in a UNiversity in LONDON.
8 Apr 07
Tokoy may well indeed be the most expensive city in the world but belive me london is not far behind. I am a student in london for 2 years now and it's really tough going especially for self financing forign students since we do not have access to loans and stuff. But there are a lot of scholarships available . the trouble is one finds out only after coming here.
@simran1430 (1793)
• India
12 Apr 07
Life is expensive in London, New York and Oslo Oslo, London and Copenhagen are the three most expensive cities in our comparison of living costs in 71 metropolises. Including rent, which makes up around a fourth (housing and energy costs) of living expenses in a Western European household, London and New York are the most expensive places to live by a wide margin. It’s no wonder that their residents often tolerate extreme commutes in order to find affordable housing. The cheapest cities we examined in our basket of 95 goods and 27 services – around a third less than the Western European average – were in Africa and Eastern Europe.And also the two other Chinese cities – Shanghai and Beijing – are no higher in the rankings than three years ago, either, despite the country’s impressive economic growth. One reason for this is certainly that China won’t subject its own currency to free market forces, since a revaluation of the renminbi could have a negative affect on the competitiveness of its export industry. Yet the price data from Hong Kong and Shanghai also show that the price of food, services and household goods can vary widely within city limits. Prices may differ depending on the part of town, but also on the person who collects the data. An Asian economics student “saved” around 10 per cent compared to our local employees, and even more compared to European expatriates working in Hong Kong. There is more than one price level – this applies to most cities. Our shopping basket reflects the average consumption patterns of a average family living in the West. The effective cost of living in one city may vary considerable depending on the area, lifestyle or life cycle.
15 Apr 07
I think if the income level of a city is at par with it's requirements of living standards then it should be alright. But when things are expensive and the average income is lower then it becomes a problem
@wachit14 (3600)
• United States
6 Apr 07
If London is the most expensive city for students, then I would have to guess that New York City is not too far behind. The cost of living in New York is very high and there are many colleges and universities in Manhattan that don't have dorms. That means that students have to scramble to make living arrangements for themselves and apartments are very expensive. They often have to share with many people to keep the cost of rent down.
6 Apr 07
U may be rught wachit14 in saying that NYC is expensive, actually the survey was conducted among european cities so NYC would not have been included. Here in London the average living expense for a student would be £8000 to £10,000. IS NYC or anyother city more expensive or similar?
@diablouk (600)
6 Apr 07
London is expensive regardless of whether you are a student or not. I guess its a lot harder for students as it limits the time you can work and therefore the money you can earn to help you survive
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• United States
6 Apr 07
I don't have idea about that but It's a good topic. I think the capital and main cities of USA and UK are equally expensive.