Is the writer's block real ?

@jamie622 (508)
April 6, 2007 1:25pm CST
Writing block to me is no more real than a ghost . Its more of a term used to describe the situation in which the writer is able to come up with something useful or satisfactory . Never ever imagine to be some sort of disease , in fact its very unreal . YOu can be good enough to write . Its just that you have to chang esome beliefs . Don't take writing too seriously . Add a bit of fun element to it . The moment you take it easy the block will be gone . Infact it was never there in the first place .
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@towongfoo27 (2989)
• United States
7 Apr 07
That's a pretty big claim to make from the confidence of your computer. Only those "good enough" can get writer's block, for those who don't are fronting the ability to write. Reason being, a real writer naturally get's stumped sometimes when trying to work though a problem. In addition, writing doesn't always flow like we want when we get stuck into a "corner," and then try to debate or logically argue through it. If the writer does not have the knowledge needed from books and other sources, the writing must stop for a moment. Hence, the writer's block. To explain, sometimes a writer may get "frustrated" for lack of coming up with immediate solutions and answers that require the writer to look elsewhere besides his or her brain for the answer. It is very normal to get writer's block. If a writer did not, then I would be afraid he or she wasn't applying her or himself enough.
@laowai (137)
• United States
7 Apr 07
Writer's block is mostly just laziness or lack of inspiration. It's usually easy to overcome by simply writing--even if it isn't very good writing. However, I have had some problems in the past that had nothing to do with laziness. There have been times of writing myself into a corner. Writing a story that comes to a point at which the writer doesn't know what to do.
6 Apr 07
Well, I'm afraid that I disagree - writer's block is very real to those who suffer from it. Many fanous professional authors experience 'block' - it's not a disease, it's just a psychological block that reduces your motivation and confidence in your own abilities. Having said that though, it can be very real for those suffering from it. After a dozen books and a few hundred articles, short stories and scripts in the last 25 years, I've suffered from wrter's block about twice a year on average. You can get around it, but it's a very real issue for writers! You're lucky to not suffer from it! Having said that, I've found one of the best cures for writer's block is an editor screaming down the phone at you saying that you're fired if you don't deliver by the following morning. :-)