True Story - Barney the Goose and drinking beer!!

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April 6, 2007 2:35pm CST
Before I start this I am fully aware that animals drinking alcohol is a form of abuse. But this TRUE STORY is very cute and I would like to share with you all. It happened in the town where I was born in Whitehaven UK. My grandad was lucky enough to know Barney and shared a beer with him now and then. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner to show the real photo. (intend getting one soon). Extract copied from the booklet 'Personal Memories of Whitehaven"BARNEY THE GOOSE, was imported from Ireland with other geese for obvious reasons but excaped his intended fate by being too thin. Thus his character and talents got their chance! Barney lived in the market place with Mr. Billy Bell and his family. Drinking beer was his favourite. Here is a poem (in broad english)about Barney and his beer! Weel, sae lang, marra. Noo wiv'ed some cracks Boot times reet back es far es Barney t'Goose (Thet allus supped 'is ale frae t'glass widt'men), We'll bet thoo 'es a few te tell thissen. Toon's better looken' noo, but nivver t'siam. We'll see tha, than; but noo we mun gah yam!English Translation Well, so long, friend. Now we've had some chats About times right back as far as Barney the Goose (that always drank his ale from a glass with the men) We;ll bet you have a few tales to tell. The town is looking better now, but never the same. Well see you soon then; but now we must go home. --------------
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