Do you have a Treasured Photograph?

@diablouk (600)
April 6, 2007 4:13pm CST
I keep a photograph in my living room which I treasure. Its a photograph of my grandmother and her sister, sat on a park bench. I can't quite remember the occasion but they didn't get to see each other that often so it must have been a birthday or anniversary. They both look so happy and are laughing like schoolgirls (both must have been in their 70's by this time). Both are now long since gone from this world. Do you have a photograph you treasure?
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@codywest (81)
7 Apr 07
I have a photograph of my partner and myself which was taken at a birthday party last summer. I've carried this photograph around with me wherever I have gone this last year. My partner and I have had some real ups and downs, things have gone wrong inmy life and I have done some stuff that I am not proud of. But through it all, my partner has stood by me, supported me, been there in my hour of need. When I look at the photograph and see how happy we were together at that time, I regret the fact that we have spent time apart because of my stupidity and treasure the fact that his feelings for me have never changed from that day to this
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