Avril's New Album!

Avril Lavigne - New Album "The Best Damn Thing" Cover.
United States
April 6, 2007 4:17pm CST
Did you know that Avril Lavigne has a new album "The Best Damn Thing", that will be released on April 17, 2007. Amazon.com is accepting pre-order of her album. Too bad, I already have it! I have to say in her new album, seems Avril change a bit on her music, but still good and i still like it! The Best Damn Thing Track List: 1. Girlfriend 2. I Can Do Better 3. Runaway 4. Best Damn Thing,The 5. When You're Gone 6. Everything Back but You 7. Hot 8. Innocence 9. I Don't Have To Try 10. One of those Girls 11. Contagious 12. Keep Holding On Keep Rockin' People!
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