Where can i get free ISP?

April 6, 2007 5:08pm CST
Hi!,my friend i looking for a free ISP(free internet Provider)I do not have job more than surfing the net,but also i have not been on the net for so long.Sometimes i fail to pay for a month payment of connection.So i try to if possible to get free ISP in oredr to work more than 10 hours pey day or even 20 hours to get dollars in my pocket.My only source of income is mylot,i like doing it several times when people tell me that i have no job,they disgrace me because i have no money but i love them i believe that one day i will help most of them that is my desire,to feed the fatherless, my friend i know because you also get some cash online will understand me,they do not trust me inasmuch as this is newest thing especially in a poor country like Tanzania.So tell me please,where can i get free ISP?
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