Should you smack your child

@User10 (82)
United States
April 6, 2007 6:39pm CST
Do you think it's appropiate to smack your child? I was in the store the other day, and a little girl dropped a bottle of bleach and it spilled all over the aisle. Her mother started yelling at her and then she smacked her. I think that how you disipline youre child is your business but, I'm sure that it was embarrassing for the little girl.
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@cabergren (1181)
• United States
8 Apr 07
I don't think hitting a child is a very good way to discipline a child. In this situation the child dropping the bleach was an accident and the mother still choose to punish her. She sounds like she needs some help in the mothering department. I believe in discipline, but not in hitting to get it.
@easy888 (10405)
• Australia
7 Apr 07
I do not think it is appropriate to smack your children. The hearts of children are fragile, they may think you do not love them if you smack them, parents should be positive to teach their children, reward them for the right thing they do rather than punish them fot their wrongdoings. It is even worse to smack your children in the public, children do have pride and self respect, you are damaging their pride in doing so.
• United States
6 Apr 07
I think it is totally inappropriate to hit anyone, especially a child. That child will grow up thinking that violence is the proper way to deal with conflict.