Ape Atoll

April 6, 2007 7:19pm CST
Hey everyone! I was just wondering for the Monkey Madness Quest and the Ape Atoll Agility Course, how do you get the specific types of monkey bones? i.e., archer monkey bones. Can you help me? Here is the list of bones I need monkey bones: ninja monkey bones: archer monkey bones: zombie monkey bones: Thanks everyone! And by the way, do you need to start the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Quest to do Monkey Madness? Thanks everyone in advance!
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@bobbyjoe143 (1287)
8 Apr 07
ninja monkey and archer monkey bones are one in the same my friend :) you can kill either the large archer monkey (the opne that has a talk option and is something like lvl 149) or the smaller archer monkies. it doesn't really matter as both can be use to make the gree gree you need for the agility course. the zombie monkies are found in the monkey temple (where the guard monkies are) there is a trapdorr at the back of the room, go down it, and you will find the zombie monkies.
• Canada
8 Apr 07
Yay! Thank you so much for this information. However, how do you kill them?
@uath13 (8207)
• United States
10 Apr 07
The ninja and zombie are pretty simple. Just beat the snot out of them. The gaurd is the hard one. He continually heals himself as you fight. the easiest way to kill him is to do some damage poison him and move away. he won't heal himself if your not right there fighting him and the poison will finish him off.
@melman (129)
• United States
7 Apr 07
all you have to do is on ape atoll you have to kill that certain kind of monkey and he drops the bones. but i think you have to beat ape atoll