has cancer ruined your life?? it truned mine inside out, lol!!

@kkerix (403)
United States
April 6, 2007 7:24pm CST
i would like to thank those who have shared. maybe i do sound as if i am feeling sorry for myself. i am only 44 now, i was 40 when it started. i had a good life great job, my own tree service, all the trucks and equipment. i loved my work, the outdoors, and my life. after the treatment i have been totally bed ridden two and a half of the four years. i have been on morphine since the third week of treatment. the way my body has reacted to the radiation is un heard of. i had 38 radiation treatments, and the chemo a 5fu, i was to have more of both but i was in such bad shape the doctors were afraid to proceed. even though i am ubeat, i have been buying and selling on ebay three years now, makes me feel a little useful. what i am looking for is anyone who might have a clue what is happening to me. i have been to four states and 5 oncologists 3 surgeons, 4 raiaologists, 2 infectious disease specialists and no body has seen a case like mine. i can get absolutely no prognosis at all. only maybe this maybe that. my hope is to find another person who may have seen or had a case as mine. i am soon to undergo a major tissue transplant operation. removal of my rectum rectal canal and about a large grapefruit amount of surrounding dead or dying tissue. i wish there were another answer. if this fails i will die. i wish they could say what is wrong some of the doctors think it maybe infection only, which i have had two bad ones one fungal, one bacterial. they almost killed me. anyway they think the fungal infection may still be there causing the irritation that leads to the tissue breakdown. sorry so long if you know anything please help. thanks for the web sites but they do not describe my symptoms.
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7 Apr 07
Please do not worry dear guy.There are ways of its remedy.Please follow the following ,you will definitely get ride of the same: (1)Do seven prayanams daily at least 2 hour per day. (2)Do Anombinom and Kapalbhati daily for half and hour each without break. (3)Drink one litre of water daily just after wake up. (4) Drink warm water sufficiently after one hour of your lunch and dinner. If you follow the above religiously for 10 days, you will find a difference.Please continue thwe above practice till you are fully cured.After cure pl be in our Email contact. I will further suggest you. Good luck.May God bless you with a healthy life.
@Manoj_s (939)
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9 Apr 07
i will agree with brijendra he is responding because he has watched swamy ramdevjis yoga and pranayama breathing exercise .i want you to visit the website www.divyayoga.com with out any delay ,i beg dont go for modernmedicine further they will make your case worse.come to india visit a camp of swami ramdevji in india .dont ignore this .or consult a naturopathy centre good one.go far fasting .fasting is best medicine for all diseases .learn yourself,trust the capcity of your body
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@theponch (198)
• United States
9 Apr 07
My mother passed at 44 and that was 7 years ago. It's to soon for a daughter to lose her mother. She didn't get to see a lot of good things that have happened and she hasn't been here when I need her. She had lung and lymph cancer. She only lasted 9 months, seems you are doing well though. My father had mouth and throat cancer, but he is now in remission. So, their is hope for some. I know it's not our choice as to who stays and who goes!? the ponch's wife
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• Philippines
10 Apr 07
I admire your character, you're very strong and pls keep on. It's really very difficult but don't lose faith and hope. Keep on praying and be positive. Let your immune system kill all those that bother you. Eat ampalaya shoots and other fresh fruits and vegetables. Exercise and have enough sunshine and fresh air. Avoid milk and sweets. May God bless you.