These women are crazy!!!!!!

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April 6, 2007 11:17pm CST
I go to a website called and they have a lot of videos of good and really stupid things. Well I came across a video of a tyra banks show, she had three women as guest. There was a mom and two daughters(out of 11 children!). They are part of a church call the Westborough Baptist Church. They go and protest at funerals of dead soldiers, and will have signs saying. Thank god for died soldiers, thank god for 911, god hates f***, and much much worse. They have there little children out there doing this, I saw one who look 6!!! Yes I know they want to get there point across, but this is going to make people not listen. I was so mad at what they were saying, and I wanted to reach into the TV and hit her. Everyone should go to and put westborugh baptist church and it will take u to some different videos they have done and what shows they were on.
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7 Apr 07
That is terrible. That should be arrested.