How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?

@deltax (287)
April 6, 2007 11:56pm CST
I usually smoke during idle times and when pressure get to me at work. I consume about 1 pack in a day at most. I've been trying to quit but it's quite hard even when when I use patches. I decided to count it instead, and gradually quit. I hope now it would work. If you have quit your smoking habit, how did you do it? How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?
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@kingparker (9698)
• United States
7 Mar 11
I am a non - smoker, so I don't smoke. I never smoke for my whole life actually. That is bad habit, and I knew that I won't build for smoke. The nicotine within it just disgust my tongue. I tried once while I was traveling with my friend, and one suck of it, totally make me cough. I won't try it again.
@cnetboss (2477)
• Philippines
30 May 07
It's a good thing that you trying to make an effort to stop smoking. Smoking is one of the most dangerous vices.
@annihilus (2185)
• Italy
18 Apr 07
I have never smoked! Don't you think it is the time to end to smoke? ;-)
• United States
10 Apr 07
I smoke 3 and a half packs a day and don't plan on quitting anytime soon. Most of my families deaths have been because of smoking, but I continue to smoke without much thought of the health consiquences.
@webbyman (183)
• Philippines
7 Apr 07
I smoke more than a pack 10 years ago but gradually reduce my consumption as i get older. I'm aware of the sickness that came from smoking but i can't stop it totally because it relaxes my mind specially if I'm under pressure.
• China
7 Apr 07
I DON'T smoke ,but my father does ,he smoke about 20 one day .he know it is harm to health,bu he don't quit smoking.he says it is too hard!
@Darko2332 (144)
• United Arab Emirates
7 Apr 07
I do not smoke and I think something is pointless and stupid. Why do people smoke when they know of the severe consequences that can result from smoking, I do not know.
@luvbabs (67)
• Philippines
7 Apr 07
I don't smoke, but I have a friend who does. He tried to quit smoking before but ended up not quiting. He said that you need stop smoking for 2 years to truly be considered an ex-smoker. My friend added that quitting is hard. You'll have dreams of smoking that seems so real. Well, what do i know. I don't smoke in the first place. It's like trying to unlearn or forget something.