What are some of the Things that you worry due to Global Warming?

Effects of Global Warming - What are your worries?
@syain1972 (1011)
April 7, 2007 1:18am CST
It has been said in the papers that billions will suffer dire straits as water supplies are drying up, there will be more floods, droughts and disease as early as 2050.The most ironic is that the countries that do not contribute much to Global Warming are the ones that will be worst hit... Are you prepared for this? What are your worries?
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@redfang (969)
7 Apr 07
there is all this talk about global warming but there is one thing that i don't fully understand, and that is a small theory that i have read somewhere ( can't remember wher ei read it though ) the polar ice caps are melting and this will lead to flooding of low lying countries BUT if yu put an ice cube into a glass of water you will find that the water level rises once the ice cube is in the glass if you then leave the ice cube to melt you still have almost the same mass in the glass and the same level of water in the glass so on that theory the sea levels shouldn't actually rise should they? but it is a theory i don't fuly understand because sea levels are rising in certain areas.