Y we must fight over a small matter?

April 7, 2007 3:28am CST
Last nite I was chatting with my bf like usual, but difference is my eyes keep looking at the pc, reading in MyLot. So, my concetration not at him.. but so does he.. When I am trying to tell him something, he claimed he cannot hear me, so i repeat, but he still can't hear me although i already reply 4~5 times. I shouted at him, for I felt like a fool by telling him, "R u deaf?!" He is not feeling so good when i say him deaf, so he shouted me back, n claimed that he already try to be patient at me when i said hurtful things to him. I did asked him y he didnt tell me when those wat i said had hurt him? Lastly, he shouted at me, "We are finish!" Sad & angry surge to my heart & mind, I hang him up! Y must we fight for this small matter? Y can't he take the jokes, & be truthful to me? He always think that he the one who always tolerate & patient with me, but did he think that I am too? Y he is too selfish? He didnt call me today, am I right or wrong? Do u think that I sud back together with him again? Our relationship jus last 2 years... =
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