why does god ask us to pray?

April 7, 2007 6:30am CST
prayer shows our trust and faith in god. he does not need our prayers , but we do.They are a source of grace.So in his infinite love for us. God wants us to recieve this grace that we can only get by a voluntary act of will, a free choice to make the effort to show our belief in god through prayer. Frequent Prayer will strenghthen our faith and trust and lead us to heaven and that is god's goal.
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@anonymili (3138)
7 Apr 07
I doubt God asks us to pray but society has instilled in our minds that we should pray. When was the last time God told you personally that you should pray? I doubt that has happened. I've never met anyone who told me that God personally asked them to do anything and if I did meet someone who said that, I would definitely wonder about their mental stability. We are brought up to believe in our relevant faiths/religions and those who teach us about it teach us to pray. Most people pray for their own benefit. People are usually asking something of God when they pray. Asking for strength, asking for a better life, asking for an ill relative to get better, asking for help with their exams or their marriage or even asking for grandchildren. These are all selfish requests. I guess God doesn't mind, as long as we believe in God and have faith, it helps us get through everyday life. Those that don't believe in God have their own reasons for doing so and we should not judge them for not believing. As long as you feel happy with your level of faith you should not be concerned about others' lack of faith or prayer. x