Help!!!Where's my money..

April 7, 2007 6:50am CST
i've got paid by mylot. It tells me it had put 24 dollars into my account in paypal .But when i checked my paypal account ,i can't find that ...ARE you a paypal user?could you tell me why?..
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• China
7 Apr 07
Hi,I'm Barbara.Thanks very much for replying me the discussion. for the issue you've been encountered, r there more information? are you using the PAYPAL CHINA, or paypal international? for the Paypal international, there's the same problem for me that I cannot transfer the accounts to my Mainland local bank directly, wire instead,for you have to pay 20USD for each withdraw; or pay less extra fees if you open an account of HK local bank. for the paypal China, .You can only transfer domestically ,have nothing to do with international. so this is what I found recently, See if you study more,get more clue for that we can discuss more. Hearing from ya!!~ Have a nice day!~!
• China
9 Apr 07
You r really a nice girl and i'm very pleasantly surprised to hear from you .But i'm a bit busy today .Hope to talk with you the next time .hoho,having a nice day