Anyone have experience with pain meds and have a normal life in spite of them?

United States
April 7, 2007 7:37am CST
I am taking Lyrica and Tramadol for an RSD type problem in my left foot. It doesn't stopp the pain completely. The biggest problem is it keeps you from pooping. So I take my last pain meds between 4 and 5pm and go to bed in pain and get up in tons of pain in order to relieve myself. Disgusting topic I know. Any ideas how to take meds at night so I can sleep and still relieve myself without laxitives......
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• Philippines
24 Apr 07
I don't know if you are still around here and I wonder if you will get to read this. Your points show that you are inactive already. Nonetheless, I am posting in the hope that you will take a peep on your discussion one day. Take regularly from this time on, sodium ascorbate. This is a Swiss formulated alkaline based natural vitamin c and thus poses no danger of overdose. Vitamin c is needed by our body on a daily basis. Take 2000 milligrams of sodium ascorbate 3 times a day. That will be distributed thus: 2000 milligrams 30 minutes to one hour before having breakfast, then same before lunch then same again, before dinner. TAke 1000 milligrams before going to sleep in the evening. Enforce your diet with raisins, fresh fruits and fibrous and green leafy vegetables. Fruits will include: water melons, cantaloupes, apples, pineapples, papayas, guavas, mangoes and grapes. After one week of observing this, you will notice that you will be greatly relieved of pain and you will no longer be needing to take those painkillers. Your immune system will get a boost and you will now be resistant to the common illnesses we may have from time to time. Wounds will heal fast, too. Vitamin c will give you a lot more of good effects in your body. Happy eating and may you find yourself continuously having good health. share this with others as I am doing now in good faith.