@catbvq (364)
April 7, 2007 8:07am CST
Do you worry? What do you worry about, do you worry about everyday situations or something in the future? Do you think there isn't one person in the whole world who doesn't worry about anything? What can you suggest so that people will stop worrying? Has telling people that worrying would not solve anything stopped them from feeling it, or is it really an inevitable emotion?
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@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
13 Apr 07
Everybody must worry for something... We worry if it will rain later in the day or that our hair doesn't look good enough... We worry that we may not have enough money or that we eat too much... or too little... We worry about our children getting hurt or our loved oned betray us...
• Malaysia
7 Apr 07
I always worrying about something.. sometimes even the smallest thing will make me worry for the whole day. But now, i am still learning how to take control of myself.. not to be carried away too much.. I worry about almost anything..and my mind sometimes just cannot put it to rest.. so recently i read a lot about how to handle this. Have faith in God.. it helps me a lot. Try to keep myself busy, so at least i will forget about that.
• Canada
7 Apr 07
I tend to worry about anything and everything . I have always been someone who worries about things all the time . I don't believe there is anyone in the world who could go without worring about anything at all , they may just not be one's to talk about it or take things well but they would still have something to worry about as we all do at one point or another . I don't believe there is much that one could tell me when I am worrying that would help because until the situation is better , I am going to worry about it lol .