How and when did you propose to your wife?

@deltax (287)
April 7, 2007 8:36am CST
Did you wait for a specific date to make the proposal? Like a birthday, christmas, valentines day? How did you do it? Did you kneel in front of her and said your piece? Or maybe put the ring inside a cake? What were your words? Do you still remember?
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• Australia
7 Apr 07
i wait for my wife' birthday every year,and we celebrate together.Last year i bought her a ring,and she loved it very much.
@massageeh (966)
• Taiwan
7 Apr 07
I proposed to my wife in a buffet restaurant in Taiwan. It was near Chinese new year and we were dating for about 3 years. My friends helped out by setting up the occasion and had the waiter bring out flowers and balloons. I then got on my knees with a ring and asked her to marry me. She was shocked of course. She said yes. Then my friends set off hand confettis that went off with a loud bang which set off an echo in the restaurant and everyone stared at us. Out of reflex, I stood up and said "I'm getting married" in English. I was so excited that I forgot that it was a chinese restaurant in Taiwan, where not many people spoke or understood English. It was so embrassing. The waitresses even cried. It was a day we wouldn't forget.