What do you think about working in a call center company?

April 7, 2007 8:58am CST
Pros and Cons of working in a call center (Health, Finacial Status, Relationships with Family and Love ones, Religion).
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• United States
25 Mar 10
I worked in a call center for almost 2 years. I just recently put in my 2 weeks notice because I am moving out of state. Just like any job you get, you will have good and bad days. When I worked at the call center I liked it in the beginning but as the time there went on I started to really hate it. You really have to have a lot of patience when working at a call center because you may get a customer that is really pissed off and you have to still be nice. I would get calls from customers that would try to hit on me and get my address or phone number, but then there's those customers that are so sweet and just want to make conversation with you. Some jobs are for certain people and working at a call center isn't for everyone.
• Philippines
10 May 07
Working in a call center company is so stressful. Agents...are you agree?
• Philippines
8 Apr 07
well, i've been in a call center for 3 years before shifting to a regular shift or day shift office work. as for me, there are lots of cons than pros, you have less time for yourself, for your family and love ones, less sleep, headaches and colds, sometimes you miss sunday mass or your religious obligations, no nightlife but as for the pros, you meet other races even just over the phone and financially better compare to office jobs..
@RLH4871 (163)
• Singapore
7 Apr 07
I have been working in call centre for 4 years. I would say it is quite a relax job, maybe also depend on the products of the company and whether you are making outbound calls or answering inbound calls. I have worked in 3 call centres before and all of them are quite relax. All you need to do is just to sit down front of a computer and talk to customers. If you like talking to people then I think you will like the job and would not have other concerns. I have thought of changing job but things did not really work out. I'm just tired and bored of call centre job. But thinking of it might be the same for other jobs, so, why not just stick to the same. At least I'm comfortable with it.