i have not got one best response...why??

@paraacbe (231)
April 7, 2007 11:46am CST
well ,i have been taking part for some time but iam not getting any best response..infact i have not got one so far...can u people reason it??
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@Zerzis (558)
• India
24 Apr 07
If u are getting difficulties in getting best responses then you will be surprised to hear that i got 5 best responses in my first three days of mylot. Reasons: i responded long..very very long about 15 lines...responded from bottom of my heart i mean i just dint scribble anything. Then i tried to first think a little bit about the topic and then answer it. Give honest answers and meaningful answers. Remove the conception from the mind that bestresponses are hard to get. Hope this helps you...
@Writerbob (572)
• United States
9 Apr 07
I've only had two, but thankfully they were actually two of my best responses, which signifies that people are actually reading my stuff, and that's more important.
• China
9 Apr 07
Don't worry,just to write and enjoy your writing here.what you should do is to response more quality answer that will interest other or really can help other people.I think you will get best response soon.
@happylim (660)
• Malaysia
9 Apr 07
Don't worry. Just try to post only quality responses from now onward, you will sure to have a best response sooner.