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April 7, 2007 12:29pm CST
How does this work? We want our members to help our website explode, and to reward you we will pay you every time you use HB! if you contribute to the HB Community - whether it is by posting a new Blog, responding to a current Blog or forum post, commenting on a current forum post, or referring friends,or by playing games in the arcade,or by scrapping on your friends scrap book you earn money. How do I calculate my earnings? Your earnings are calculated based on your Activity Points. You will earn Activity points for the following contributions: Invite your friends Submit pics to your personal gallery Make a new quiz, with 10 questions you can have other members answer Write about anything in your personal blog Create a new poll about anything you want Forum Posting Post a Bulletin For Playing Games Scrapping your friends too.. $$$-You get 1 Cent for just 10 Activity Points-$$$ $$$-Point varies from 1-100 depending on your quality of posts $$$-You get 10 cents/100 points for just One referral-$$$ Hash Bush is a site like MyLot but it has more ways to earn money other than posting as you can see from the info above. This site currently pays out in PayPal but it will have other options in the future. The link is: http://www.hashbush.com/signup.php/?refer=Kane614
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