Should I buy an ipod

@TrevaUK (142)
April 7, 2007 2:17pm CST
Well i have a PSP right now, but Sony isn't really supporting it that much anymore, PSP is dead almost, i really use my PSP for music the most, so i'm thinking about getting a iPod, sure the games might not be awesome but that's what my DS is for, so back to the question, do yo think that i should buy the iPod video or wait for the new version of the iPod whenever that may be... Thanks!
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@Joerib (82)
• Belgium
8 Apr 07
Ipod is great! the sound quality... you can't find it annywhere else! Apple is not bringing out a new version of the Ipod I guess, At the end of the year, the Iphone will come out in europe!
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@TrevaUK (142)
9 Apr 07
I'm looking to purchase the IPod, I may purchase the Video IPod because it has a higher capacity than the music version. The IPhone looks really cool, too bad I already have a recently purchased cellphone. I will consider the IPhone on my next cellphone purchase.
• Gabon
7 Apr 07
May I suggest you to buy Palm Treo 680 instead? See it at It's a combination of phone, PDA, digital camera & video (though the quality is only VGA). You can install a lot of games, and thousands of software to choose from ( I'm a Treo 650 user (an older version), and quite happy with the music quality, the games are very good as well... For me it's the best option since now I only bring one gadget instead of two/three...
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