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@meander (168)
April 7, 2007 4:12pm CST
I am planning a trip to Europe. One of the countries I will visit is Portugal. I would like some input on what NOT to miss while I am there. Example. What should I definitely not miss while there. Historical sites,cities,food etc. Have you been there? Did you have a memorable experience? I had been there, a long time ago, I remember the Fado, Lisboa and the Sardines. What did I miss out on?
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17 Apr 07
Sorry that you did not get more replies to this question. I have never been to Portugal although it has always seemed a lovely place to me and I would like to one year if possible.
@meander (168)
• Canada
20 May 07
Yes . Only 2 replies so far.Portugal is very small and not really on the Trend Setter's List. I'm going to do a journal when I am away, and if I have a tale or two to tell I'll post them here. Now I'm going to make a note of Sarinha's tip to go take a boat ride. I love cruise ships. But I wonder if he is not referring to just a small boat? I have been there before but a long time ago. At that time a chaeuffer driven car was inexpensive. I remeber castles, hills, sardines and mostly the Fado. I been a fan of the Fado ever since. And too here in the city it is multicultural, so we have some great Portgegeuse restaurents.