Why is maternity leave in the US only 6-12 weeks?

United States
April 7, 2007 4:15pm CST
How come it's so short? In Canada they get a paid year off. I just think most moms need more time with their babies.
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@wendee (359)
• Canada
10 Apr 07
Here in Canada we get I think 15 weeks Maternity Leave and 35 weeks parental leave. Parental leave can be taken by either parent whereas Maternity leave can only be taken by the mother. I think this is a very good idea becasue then the father can take some time of as well. I know of a few men that took Parental leave when their child was born. the mothers didnt work to start with and this gave them all a chance to bond together as a new family.
• Philippines
9 Apr 07
Here in the Philippines our ML is only for 60 days for normal delivery and 78 days for CS. And our company is not even required to pay us. It is only our Social Security System that pays for the days that we are on leave and we don't even get an amount equivalent to our salaries because they have set a ceiling/maximum rate. So if your salary is higher than what they have set you won't receive the amount you would have gotten for your monthly income from the company you work for. It is so unfair. Blame it on the polliticking and bad governance in our country which just mess everything up!
@tanjila (548)
• United States
7 Apr 07
Yeah, I don't understand that either... it's ridiculous.
• Canada
7 Apr 07
In Canada we get alot of extra government help ( not all for the good of everyone) but we pay for it with taxes. But I definately agree with you I couldn't imagine going back to work and leaving my newborn with a babysitter. I still have a hard time thats why I'm a stay at home mom with a casual job when my husbands home.