why are we here? what`s our purpose in life?

April 7, 2007 4:38pm CST
How can you find the purpose of life? Is it to work hard to improve our lives? Without question, human history is filled with misery caused by war, imperialistic conquest, exploitation, injustice, poverty, disaster, sickness, and death.Why have so many bad things happened to so many innocent victims? If God is all-powerful, why has he allowed this enormous amount of suffering for thousands of years? So guys, why are we here? what`s our purpose in life?
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• Philippines
8 Apr 07
Hi! I used to wonder why on earth are we here for. I used to be bitter. I thought that it would be better if my parents did not marry and got me here. But as I have matured and learned to see that the world is indeed a wonderful place to live, I have come to my senses that I am such a lucky person indeed, to be able to experience all the things in the world. You see, there are a lot of adversities in the world, and we can not change that by a snap. So many things happen because greed comes to our hearts and we want things to ourselves. Humans become selfish. I am not an expert on this, but I have live a life focusing on the more positive side. As the song goes by Celine Dion, "Live for the one I love, Love as no one has loved, Give asking nothing in return". Here's a link for a more in depth explanation. Hope this helps :) http://www.purposedrivenlife.com/samplechapters/chapter1.aspx