men vs. women

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April 7, 2007 5:00pm CST
so here it is the question that could get you slaped or thrown in a ditch hehehe who is the more dominate..intelligent...superior..the coolest:-)? in my opinion it would be the women only because we can handle more than you guys for birth i mean can you imagine men creating a child in their wombs? not pretty we are stronger than you guys in lots of aspects when it deals with pain we can also inflict more pain and handle it alot better than you guys;-) you are a bunch of sissies well come on lets debate!!!;-)
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8 Apr 07
Wow! If anybody I know would ask this question, it HAD to be you. I know you think woman are because of how you keep Q on a leash. That man doesn't have his balls anymore, thanks to you. No, woman and men are equal. Noticed I used woman first, and I am a man. That proves I am not sexest :P lol. No, but really like the guy above me said yin and yang. The balance of life. I think we complete each other. OMG! I sound like a movie!! Really, keep off the sexest questions, my freind. I know we are friends, but SADLY I know you think woman are better. Honestly, dude, I couldn't date you. Quinton must REALLY love you to stick around :P haha. JK. Really though. Ask me something cool. Like why final fantasy is the dominant game :)
@Kythe42 (1412)
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7 Apr 07
Well in some ways women are more dominant. When there's an argument, the man has to go sleep on the couch. In the event of a divorce, most of the time it's the woman who gets the house and the man has to move out.