family!! do you have one??? do they acept you??

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United States
April 7, 2007 8:33pm CST
i have no real family, i was adopted as an infant. the one person who loved me unconditionally is gone now. my mom passed away five years ago. i was good to have around when my father remarried, help on his new farm, fenced in ten acres, built two barns for his new wifes horses, wired lights, all of the things i am, was good at. then i got cancer at 40. as soon as it became clear i was not getting better i became a bad person. he told me he had done all he could for me that he had a new family and they need him. i told him that was fine. he calls every now and again, today was one of those days, to tell me he is glad everything is well in my life. when he knows through the fact i through his crackhead stepson and daughter out of my house there because i have to move back to alabama for surgery at the university of south alabama hospital. i wish i had a real family, i do not know what it is like to have real family. where you help each other no matter what. my sister his real daughter told me that i should have made different choices in life then i might not have gotten cancer lol. i have rectal cancer, at 40 unusual but not something i chose or did. that was her way of telling me she can not help. she is busy at work and i could have made different choices, i said you are right, so do not worry about me you have done all you can. so i have two true blue friends who will see me to the end. my trip is the adoptive family call me every few 3,4 months to yell at me. my dad who called to day acts as if i am fine still running my business, tells me he loves me and if there is anything he can do don't hesitate to ask. if i ask which i haven't for years now he screams about how he has helped me his whole life. he is old now and i should be fine on my own now. he acts as if i do not have cancer, and i am not bed ridden. oh well i have aske many times that he move on leave me alone. but they do not? do any of you out there have no family like me??? when you are apart of a family do you help the members no matter what? or if they get sick, or down on their luck do you turn your back on them??? i guess i could see turning your back if they do not try. i have always tried and still do. please tell me about your family what is it like to have a real family???
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