My sincere apologies to ALL my friends.

@camar_lyn (1028)
April 7, 2007 10:05pm CST
I have been wondering for quite sometime now with regards to why i do not get alerts on the topics that many of my friends have started. I did however get alerts from very few of my myLOT friends. But majority of the time, i had to go through many of their personal profiles to keep track of their latest discussions that they have. Some even turned out to be 2 or even 3 months old. Not that i stay away from 'age old' topics, but it's just that I DO NOT want my friends to think that i did not reply to their discussions on purpose. I just realised that i didn't turn the NOTIFY OFF button to NOTIFY ON for majority of my friends. If not for Peter's message to me, i still wouldn't have realised this. Thank you Peter and thank you also to ALL my MYLOT friends. My SINCERE APOLOGIES TO ALL of you. Footnote: For new mylotters, notify on is important to keep track of your friends and their discussions. Do turn it to ON. It is there for a reason. Just click under the friends tab, and you know what i mean. ALL the best! - Lyn
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@ricknkae (1726)
• United States
8 Apr 07
No problem I don't expect all my friends to answer all my discussions anyway Plus it is always nice to see an old discussion get an answer after a long time !
@camar_lyn (1028)
• Singapore
15 Apr 07
Hi ricknkae, thank you. I do appreciate that. I just need more time to get to answer my friends discussions. Most of the time, they would have started a new one before i can reply to their last! heheheh... Cheers! - Lyn
@pvoegtli (55)
• Switzerland
15 Apr 07
I also would like to apologize to MY friends. I DO get alerts by email. Now, I have not responded for several reasons. One, I have been away for almost a week travelling to my home country. Without any possibiliy of accessing internet. Second, when I am in my duty station, I have internet access. But it is slow, not reliable. Many times, when I am respodning and about to finish, we have either power failure or the system is blocked. Now, I am at home for 2 weeks with "luxury" connection and you will see (hear) more from me. By the way, an ease way of having news from me is to go and visit my blog at
@tammyr (5955)
• Etowah, Tennessee
8 Apr 07
Thank you for spreading the word. I have all of mine off. I get too many e-mails as it is. But some may not know how and you will help them.