April 8, 2007 1:56am CST
I think this movie,300, is quite good..Love the storyline and most of the ending is really good.Not tp mention the very hot body of men. I really appreciated the movie because i made a term paper when i was still in high school. I had fun recalling it.The best part was when the queen killed the traitor. She really is a strong-willed person. Really worthy as queen. Leonidas is a king that really served his fellowmen using his strength and intelligence.Really is worthy to be called a king. ..Have you seen the movie 300? What do you think about it?If you were to rate it 1-10..
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• India
3 Sep 08
i go for 9.5 out of 10. 300 is an absolutely terrific movie. the attitude, the valour the spartans display send a chill down my spine. so much to keep their honour. they challenged and even demured a person who projected himself as god. i think they were bogged down by the wrong priests who just had no respect for these warriors. my personal favorite line in the movie when the king says : SPARTANS NEVER RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!. the greatest sequence when the king as a young lad fights the beast and also , when he kicks the intruder into the well..